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Clearly i should have to do one too

The Basics Name:Marta Age: 19 almost 20 Where you from: Hmmm how to answer this. I was born in Poland, lived in germany till i was 3, in chicago until i was 8. And have lived in evanston since. Where do you live now: Evanston/Minneapolis School:U of Minnesota Major (if applicable): English/Theology How do you feel about.... abortion: I'm prochoice. Though i woudln't have an abortion i believe that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. gay marriage: Sigh. I dont believe that the government has any right to tell anyone that they cant get married because they're gay. I think the notion of the government having that kind of control is disgusting and we're supposed to have separation of church and state! However.... how healthy it is for children to be raised in a family with no strong male or female figure is kind of iffy and im still thinking about it. President Bush:Argh. Please get him out of office! war on Iraq: I was always against it. Invading a country w/o UN support is obviously not the way to go and the fact that it was for purly selfish commercial issues is just not okay. politics: I wish i were more involved/knew more about what i was talking about. Ridiculous question: End this sentence.. "sometimes you feel like a nut __sometimes you dont__" Etc: Would you call yourself a girly girl? No. However others may tell me so, but i refuse to believe it on account of i'd rather be dirty and camping then shopping. (i do have some girly tendencies though) What stereotype would you list yourself as (if you had to): Sigh drama queen? Prep? Do you have lots of male friends? Yes would you go down on me in the theater? (its a joke, and in a song) are you in a relationship now? No If yes for how long? N/a Have you had long term relationships? yes, 2 years. Are you sexually active? Hell yes. How do you feel about oral sex? I love to give. ;) (we understand the questions are a bit ridiculous, but we hope for an open environment in which you can talk about *anything*) are you ridiculous? Yes do you overuse the word ridiculous? extremely so. do you like to write? Yes Favorite author? sigh. tough one. I dont have one. Favorite movie? American Beauty, 21 Grams.... Favorite tv show? Friends, Sex and the city Favorite color? Sigh (heres the girl factor) Pink Who's hotter Justin Timberlake or Colin Farrell? Ooooh can i have both? Pierce Brosman hot or not? Hot Favorite food? ummmm.... meat? I love foood. isnt chocolate amazing? Yes Do you like to party? Yes Do you like to dance? Yes ( alot) To juke? Yes cause im so damn good at it. (juking is the fine art of booty dancing... seen in videos, and at my old high school) Do you enjoy occassionally listening to music like Britney Spears? Ah sadly yes How do you feel about Country music? I used to loathe it. but now actually like it Do you drink? Yes Whats your favorite drink? Sigh.... Used to be bacardi.... now im going with Malibu and Tropical Punch. Worst drinking expierence? Bacardi 151. I took shots taht i chased w/smirnoff what a bad idea! I threw up forever, and was hungover for days. Vowed never to drink again. And didn't for 6 months. And still i can'tt take shots like i used to and the tolerance is gone. Three things you should know. -I'm super nice/compassionate/caring/always there for you. -I have *high* hopes for the community and really want people to join. -Two Pack comes from me and Liz. Cause thats what we were called because we were this amazingly hot duo that traveled together and all the boys wanted, we eventually joined the boys we called the Three Pack as they were the same. We merged into the Five Pack. Now we loathe two of those boys. but are good friends w/one of them. At least i am. (that story makes sense if you know the people and i wasn't so fucking vague)
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