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The Basics
Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Where you from: I is from E-town! (where you from?)
Where do you live now: Evanston/Iowa City
School: University of Iowa
Major (if applicable):Vocal Performance
How do you feel about....
abortion:I think its terrible, but I do believe it should be legal and accessible to women who need it as an option.
gay marriage: Clearly there's no reason Gays cannot be wed. This issue is stupid!
President Bush: He's got to go... But i do think he's doing what he thinks is best... I just happen to strongly, strongly disagree with him!
war on Iraq: I didn't want us to go and i wish we hadn't...but the situation is getting better, and hopefully things will be good soon.
politics: I was going to be a poli sci minor, until i realized I couldn't get a B.M. with a minor in a liberal art--so thats out, but I am very interested and involved.
Ridiculous question:
End this sentence.. "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't"
Would you call yourself a girly girl? Not so much, though i am shoe-compulsive.
What stereotype would you list yourself as (if you had to): The music-geek who's actually cool
Do you have lots of male friends? TOO many! = )
would you go down on me in the theater? (its a joke, and in a song) OH yeah, baby!
are you in a relationship now? ::sigh:: yes
If yes for how long? about 9 and a half months
Have you had long term relationships? yes, one for 2.5 years, one for 8 months, and this one.
Are you sexually active? yes
How do you feel about oral sex? its raw
(we understand the questions are a bit ridiculous, but we hope for an open environment in which you can talk about *anything*)
are you ridiculous? Very much so
do you overuse the word ridiculous? quite a bit
do you like to write? not as much as i used to... i should start
Favorite author? J.D. Salinger
Favorite movie? i don't know... theres too many
Favorite tv show? it used to be West Wing, but i don't watch t.v. anymore... I guess like, Will&Grace, Friends, Sex and the City...
Favorite color? Pink and black
Who's hotter Justin Timberlake or Colin Farrell? Tough one! I'm gonna have to go with J.T. though
Pierce Brosman hot or not? Definitely hot
Favorite food? mexican or sushi
isnt chocolate amazing? OH GOD YES!
Do you like to party? fo sho
Do you like to dance? yes
To juke? hell yes!
Do you enjoy occassionally listening to music like Britney Spears? Marta...i hate you. yeah, i guess i like "everytime". its so catchy despite being an insult to music in general.
How do you feel about Country music? i'm a fan
Do you drink? yes
Whats your favorite drink? vodka and lemonade, or bacardi and diet (66 calories, no carbs, no sugar!!)
Worst drinking expierence? tersa's party when i was trashed and screaming at andy and crying and ridiculous.
Include a picture if you can! And list three things we should know about you!

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