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The Basics
Name: Liz
Age: 18
Where you from: Evanston, IL
Where do you live now: Iowa City, IA
School: University of Iowa
Major (if applicable): English

How do you feel about....
abortion: very pro-choice, not necessarily pro-abortion, but i believe in the right to choose
gay marriage: I have no problem with gay marriage, and think the gov't should back off
President Bush: I'm not a fan, not because he is not well spoken or that he looks like a monkey, but because i disagree with him on SO many issues
war on Iraq: i can understand certain reasons behind it, but i generally am not a fan.
politics: some would say i am a flaming liberal or borderline socialist, but i think im fairly left wing but also a bit of a centrist

Ridiculous question:
End this sentence.. "sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont _________________"

Would you call yourself a girly girl? not really, at times yes but not usually
What stereotype would you list yourself as (if you had to): i've been described as a semi-hippi and the kind of girl you would expect to have a nose-ring (which i do)
Do you have lots of male friends? i used to frequent sausage fests, now i have guy friends but not an overwhelming amount. i admit that i sometimes prefer guy friends to lots of girl friends
would you go down on me in the theater? (its a joke, and in a song) yes
are you in a relationship now? yes
If yes for how long? about a year
Have you had long term relationships? the one im in
Are you sexually active? yes, very much so
How do you feel about oral sex? its great (id rather give than recieve)

(we understand the questions are a bit ridiculous, but we hope for an open environment in which you can talk about *anything*)

are you ridiculous? yes, ridiculous and ricockulous
do you overuse the word ridiculous? oh yes, a ridiculous amount
do you like to write? yes, im an english major and have always loved to write
Favorite author? vladimir nabokov and jack keourac
Favorite movie? the big lebowski
Favorite tv show? the simpsons is a classic, i love family guy too
Favorite color? i like pink, i like orange, i like purple
Who's hotter Justin Timberlake or Colin Farrell? colin farrell is hotter
Pierce Brosman hot or not? SO hot, he may be old but hes so sexy
Favorite food? anything chocolate
isnt chocolate amazing? see above
Do you like to party? yes
Do you like to dance? yes
To juke? oh, yeah
Do you enjoy occassionally listening to music like Britney Spears? i guess i'd call her a guilty pleasure
How do you feel about Country music? i actually really like it, that and bluegrass
Do you drink? yes
Whats your favorite drink? vodka mixed with almost any guy of juice, im also a beer girl, guiness rocks
Worst drinking expierence? puking up mash potatoes with two of my ex boyfriends at the time holding my hairback at the same, while they happened to be best friends and one of them is now the guy i have been with for the last year. the memories of that night only seem good in comparison to the hangover the next morning

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