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The Basics
Name: Teresa
Age: 18 (19 really soon!)
Where you from: Born in Dixon, raised in Evanston, both in Illinois
Where do you live now: New York City baby!
School: NYU
Major (if applicable): Theatre and Art History

How do you feel about....
abortion: I don't think I could ever do it personally, but that doesn't mean I have the right to take away someone else's choice of what to do with their body. However, I really only think it's okay in the first trimester. Maybe even less.
gay marriage: I think there are a lot of other more dangerous things to stop than two people who love each other (like the next things on this list). Divorce is a bigger threat to the "American Family" than this.
President Bush: Goodness, I hate this man. First of all, he's an idiot, and he represents our countries. He's turned many allies and one of the largest surpluses in American history into their polar opposites. He doesn't do his homework, he quabbles over insignificant things, and he does what's best for HIM, not for his country. He also passes bills to screw over the future generations but benefit HIM temporarily and he puts titles on them that are just hte opposite ("Friendly Skies" that lessens pollution restrictions for carmakers and factories, "Happy Forests" that will end up destroying them, "US Patriot Act" that takes away constitutional rights) because he thinks that everyone is as stupid as him and will only read the title. I'm sure that's all he did in high school. PLUS, he didn't even win the frickin election. And I'm done.
war on Iraq: I understand the idea of pre-emptive strike and if the above had had all the proof to go into this war, it might've been kind of okay. But he went on a hunch and with a personal vengeance that has costed us lives that could have been improving our work force and money that could've helped people have medical insurance. The price tag on this war is enough to prove full health care for 38 billion children. There aren't even that many people on the planet period.
politics: HA! Well, I'm a Democrat, obviously. I believe in taking action instead of sitting back. I would rather have high taxes and have stellar public education system, a united and complete health care system for EVERYONE, better roads, better Welfare system and more. If all of these things were better, we wouldn't need to spend so much of our money on private and EXPENSIVE institutions. I also want Obama to be the first black president, and I want Kerry to win - and NOT because he's the lesser of two evils as I have said before. I want him to win because I believe in him.

Ridiculous question:
End this sentence.. "sometimes you feel like a nut case"

Etc: huh?
Would you call yourself a girly girl? Sometimes, intensely. Sometimes, not.
What stereotype would you list yourself as (if you had to): struggling, Bohemian theatre student in NYC
Do you have lots of male friends? A good amount, yes. My best friend is a boy.
would you go down on me in the theater? (its a joke, and in a song) On you? No, cause I don't swing that way. But I might do it to my boyfriend. ;)
are you in a relationship now? Yes
If yes for how long? A year August 10th.
Have you had long term relationships? Pretty much just this one.
Are you sexually active? Yes
How do you feel about oral sex? I'm not so hot on giving it for whatever reason (I just don't enjoy it very much) but oral sex on me is how I get by. ;)

(we understand the questions are a bit ridiculous, but we hope for an open environment in which you can talk about *anything*)

are you ridiculous? of course
do you overuse the word ridiculous? all the time
do you like to write? very much so
Favorite author? Oh god. I'll give you a few. Charlotte Bronte, J.R.R. Tolkien, Shakespeare... there's one more I can't think of. It's driving me nuts. But it's okay.
Favorite movie? Good lord! UHm, American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Lost in Translation.
Favorite tv show? X-Files.
Favorite color? Dark, electric blue and purple
Who's hotter Justin Timberlake or Colin Farrell? COLIN
Pierce Brosman hot or not? Have you SEEN The Thomas Crown Affair? HOttest movie ever that's not porn!
Favorite food? Cherries? Cookies'n'Cream Ice Cream? Digorno's Pizza?
isnt chocolate amazing? YES
Do you like to party? Naturally
Do you like to dance? Well, I like to dance like, real dancing when I'm sober. Like, Jazz or Modern. But when I'm drunk, I LOVE to dance and that's just me alone.
To juke? When I'm drunk sometimes.
Do you enjoy occassionally listening to music like Britney Spears? Well... Not really.
How do you feel about Country music? Hate it. Sorry you guys.
Do you drink? Of course.
Whats your favorite drink? Sex on the beach is damn good. So is SMirnoff's Ice with a Twist. Mmmm...
Worst drinking expierence? Painfully embarassing and horribly unsuccessful 69 without me giving a blow job cause I had never given one so I was giving a hand job and he, I think, was attempting to eat me out, but he was awful. THe whole night was awful.

Include a picture if you can! And list three things we should know about you!

1. Theatre is my conduit, my touchstone, my devotion, and my life. I love it. I'm an actress, a director, a designer and a playwright.
2. Me and Andrew want to be married someday and I think we will. Everyday I love him a little more. We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other. There is nothing in my life that has ever been so stable to me, so amazing and so perfect.
3. I've been writing poetry since I was 10. And I got pretty good at it at one point.

You should look at my lj to see a picture of me, cause I don't know hot to get it over here.

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