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nothing special


I'm too lazy and unaware (how to do it) to promote the community but clearly it needs to be. I feel like i ought to pester my friends more.


I need to hire someone to cuddle with. I cuddled w/Katz in the car, and we're sooo cute together its ridiculous (at least in my humble opinion) its funny because though im attracted to him, i dont have any actual feelings for him, he's just such a darn good cuddler.

I contiously get in arguments w/republicans on lj and its really annoying, cause it literally causes me so much stress to argue with them.

I'm in too many communites specifically this one where people update ALL the time that it takes FOREVER for me to catch up on reading my friends pages. Its really annoying. Im basically just stating things that annoy me now.

My two best friends leave for school in like a day. Its awful.

They (and everyone) keeps telling me how much fun ill have when i go back to school but i dont care, i dont want to go back.

I hate and respond terribily to when people gang up on me.

I'm too lazy to update my actual lj, im just going to write a blurb and go to bed. Why is it so late?

Night girls =)
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