Ashley (deadly_desires) wrote in two_pack,

Boredom At Its Best..

I don't have any valid reason to be writing in here... Just felt the need to pass the time between now and minutes from now...Call its a ramble if you choose.. but its merely bridge to cross the gap of time..

As the realization of summers ending and schools beginning set in.. I can only help but wonder what did I do with all this time on my hand? I used to be one of the geeks who could set their lives to a cheesy dollar store clock..One of those geeks who had the next five years of their life planned to the tinest detail.. and I had plans about going about those plans and whatnot...But now plans are the things I fear the most..And it just leaves me wondering... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??...Now I find myself doing things on the spur of the moment...And living for the moment rather then just for the sake of getting it done...

So I ask you this...What changes did you endure during the summer... Was it life changing or not?And if you could go back in time.. Would you do it all over again or not?
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