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Hey y'all. I'm writing b/c i told martas i would but i don't quite remember what i was supposed to write about. So i guess i'm just saying hi and how are y'all. I do have a quick vent... as fun as school is i can really tell that i am a year older than the freshman... it doesn't bother me but i definately feel much more comfortable with the sophomores. It makes me doubt my decision to take a year off a little. Maybe i should have just come here. Whatever... it's only a little voice in my head...and there are definately some cool freshman here too (like me) so i'm pretty happy. So there you go my first post in two pack. (marta this is where you celebrate) (note to marta... i did not spell check so you could have the plesure of correctin all of my mistakes since you are the grammar nazi) PEACE! =)
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