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Tidbits and Helpings of Great Women

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The Pleasure of Our Company
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This community is moderated by myself (marta) and my best friend and partner in crime Liz. Basically this community was my idea as a place for amazing girls who are similarly minded to get together and discuss anything from politics to religion to boys to fashion to boys to movies to music to sex to boys to sex. Anything basically. Though yes there is an "application" its more so just a way for us to get to know you and see if you have similar opinions and ideas as us. Though obviously you dont have to be and shouldn't be clones of us, (opposites we have learned attract) Its nice if we aren't a complete polar opposite. Since i'm new to do this whole community thing I'm thinking that basically promoting will be a big thing. So be prepared to be asked to promote the community to everyone. *Hopefully* it will be awesome and won't need to be promoted so much. Alright well heres a little bio on me

My names Marta, I'm ninteen years old but i'll be 20 in January (aquarius) and for some reason im greatly excited about crossing over into the "twenties" I go to school at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. I'm an English major, but im thinking of minoring in Theology. I'm not *quite* sure anymore what i want to do w/my life. Maybe teach, maybe write, who knows. The old fashioned part of me wants to stay home w/the kids and make (probably burn) dinner for my husband. I'm currently unattached. My ex and still good friend of mine broke up in March. and im no longer grieving but in that ridiculous i want to get laid single phase (that liz hopes will be over soon) I have to be honest and say that i have a tendency to complain (and i dont lie so i can admit that) hmmm... I cant think of anything at the moment to say. But here are my personal three questions for you.

1) Are you religious in anyway? If so what's your affiliation.
2) Have you ever had to overcome any great obstacles in your life? (ie rape, poverty, eating disorders, depression)
3) Are you able to be honest and open about personal things with people you dont actually *know*? (example above)

Here's my ridiculous picture

And Liz's equally ridiculous picture....

Our ridiculous picture

Ok. As Martas has already mentioned, my name is Liz. I go to the University of Iowa, I'm an english major and my outlook is strikingly similar to Martas (ie I don't have any idea of what i want to do-teach, write, etc.) Im eighteen and have been in a relationship with my boyfriend Galen for a little over a year, and he would think that this community was ridiculous because he tends to think that my escapades with Marta are ridiculous, which most of them are. That is what you expect from the two pack. I'm interested in everything from politics to literature to music to girl talk, and things like that. I can't really think of any questions to add to the brilliance of the questions on the application, so if the mood strikes you, feel free to share your three favorite songs of all time . Here however is the application. Please post it under an lj cut (ask if you dont know how to make one) and you can title it whatever you so desire.

The Basics
Where you from:
Where do you live now:
Major (if applicable):

How do you feel about....
gay marriage:
President Bush:
war on Iraq:

Ridiculous question:
End this sentence.. "sometimes you feel like a nut _________________"

Would you call yourself a girly girl?
What stereotype would you list yourself as (if you had to):
Do you have lots of male friends?
would you go down on me in the theater? (its a joke, and in a song)
are you in a relationship now?
If yes for how long?
Have you had long term relationships?
Are you sexually active?
How do you feel about oral sex?

(we understand the questions are a bit ridiculous, but we hope for an open environment in which you can talk about *anything*)

are you ridiculous?
do you overuse the word ridiculous?
do you like to write?
Favorite author?
Favorite movie?
Favorite tv show?
Favorite color?
Who's hotter Justin Timberlake or Colin Farrell?
Pierce Brosman hot or not?
Favorite food?
isnt chocolate amazing?
Do you like to party?
Do you like to dance?
To juke?
Do you enjoy occassionally listening to music like Britney Spears?
How do you feel about Country music?
Do you drink?
Whats your favorite drink?
Worst drinking expierence?

Include a picture if you can! And list three things we should know about you!